$tickyBudz Content is a small, niche content writing company. Born out of a love for words, CBD and the appreciation for great green products. The cannabis industry faces particular challenges when it comes to SEO and content creation. There are only a certain amount of advertisements that are allowed. So SEO has to be creative, and so does the content.

Search Engines prioritise what they show the users when it comes to content, based on set criteria. They are looking for user-friendly pieces, stuff that is regularly updated and leans into the niche. Not keyword-stuffed text.

The Cannabis, CBD and Shrooms markets are changing. New laws and regulations appear and are dissolved rapidly, and research into the benefits of CBD, Cannabis and Shrooms happens almost daily. From CBD for pets, to how Cannabis can be used to help support people with chronic illnesses, or just get really, really high – we write it all.

We like CBD gummies, tinctures and vaping. We love cannabis bakes and cosmetics and respect the flex on how microdosing mushrooms can change your whole perspective on something.

$tickyBudz Content is here to help you meet your long-term SEO and content goals. We can provide you with 3000-word articles on how to use SCROG to get the best grow, or 500 words on how to brew a tea from mushrooms – or a simple actionable cannabis content plan. Start-ups are no problem, we can create your website content too.

Due to the nature of copywriting and agreements with clients it is often a breach to use the content within a portfolio. This means our work will rarely be displayed.

Supplying you with quality cannabis content for your business.

Get in touch with specific requests, or check out the store to order content.

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