Cannabis // CBD Blogging Service [Starter]


A cannabis and CBD blog writing service, that includes 10 blog posts, keywords, and more.


You might not need product information or an about page. You might just need regular content that shows your customers how your product works, and what it can do for them.

Giving your customers the information they need. Is the Gorilla Glue bitter? Can you make tea from cannabis? How does CBD work within our body?

Regular blog articles can make a massive difference in how much you have to say to your audience, and how often they come back to your website, with your products naturally woven in.

The cannabis and CBD content created for your website is compounded too. Meaning it gains more traction over time and will continue to contribute to your overall business goals.

Once you hit ‘buy’, your weekly content will begin. 

If you like the service, you can choose a subscription model, or ad-hoc. Whatever suits you and your canna-brand.

Included in your Cannabis // CBD Blogging Order:

  • CC0 Free image (with credit)
  • Keyword Research (unless provided by client)
  • Google Doc Link to the content (quick and easy for your to access)
  • 10 500 word Cannabis // CBD Blog Articles 

To keep the content fresh, you will get a mix of:

  • Canna recipes
  • Listicles
  • Fresh research and studies
  • Educational articles
  • Product information 

Cannabis and CBD is a changing landscape, and to stay ahead of the competition; regular content is a must. 

Using our Cannabis content writing service will give you the following:

More credibility and authority through regular high-quality content. The more you know, the more you know.

Brand awareness is increased because you are creating content that is easy to share and valuable.

Lead generation, it is easier to learn about your audience when you have more traffic to analyse.

SEO, the long game of traffic and conversions. The more content you have that leans into your niche, the more relevant you are in the searches. Regular and frequent content is a must.

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