Cannabis Content Planning


A cannabis content plan to help cannabis manufacturers, suppliers and cannabis store maximise their potential.


Your cannabis content plan should be as sweet as Lemon Haze on a sunny day. Content planning is what you will do and when. 

It isn’t the strategy attached, and doesn’t have the content but can help you on your way to creating regular content that makes a mark. 

Your Cannabis Content Plan will include:

  • Goal setting – Do you want traffic? Do you want to improve your SEO? Do you want a string of content that compliments itself?
  • A range of catchy headlines
  • A cannabis content outline including a mix of recipes, evergreen, Q&A, and more.
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Call To Actions
  • Content Calendar PDF so you know when to post your content.
  • Your content plan will be your easy to follow guide for creating cannabis content. 

Your content plan is an actionable guide to meet your cannabis brand goals.